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AUTOMATE your sales - never let deals slip through the cracks

Updated: May 7, 2021

With sales automation, no need for manual tasks anymore. Facilitate repetitive tasks, boost your efficiency, and never let deals slip through the cracks. Sales automation is a sales strategy that may be able to handle your sales challenges.

There's nothing more painful than a losing deal when you are chasing other things. If you have lost deals because you didn't follow up, if you have ignored a long term challenge in your sales process, wasted time searching for specific files, spent lots of time adding leads, experienced difficulty sorting leads according to best fits, then sales automation may just be the solution to your problem. In this post, you will learn sales automation, the various ways to automate your sale and prevent revenue loss.

What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation is a process that involves using artificial intelligence, software, and digital methods to automate time-consuming manual tasks. Sales automation facilitates the easy management of sales personnel responsibilities. Even with gold coast sales training, sales automation is still a fundamental part of the sales process.

Why Automate Your Sales?

Most businesses are advancing by adopting sales automation. The daily tasks of sales reps ranging from making calls, sending emails, creating contracts, and bagging deals can be challenging. Worse still, they perform these tasks repetitively which makes it tiring. Thus, businesses are beginning to enjoy the benefits of sales automation. Sales automation helps to

• Enhance your sales rep's efficiency and performance.

• Increase productivity and accuracy.

• Facilitate your sales process and saves time.

• Reduces manual labor.

• Ensure you don't lose deals.

• Increase customer satisfaction as a result of quick response.

• Simplify the sales process.

• Efficiently utilise limited resources.

Different Ways to Automate Your Sales Process

You can automate your sales process through the following ways:

Lead Distribution

Studies have shown that leads are likely to answer calls few minutes after they sign up. But most businesses are unable to follow up the lead immediately. There is usually a delay before the sales rep gets in touch with the customer. In cases like these, lead distribution becomes important. Automating lead distribution helps to increase response time, conversion rate and increase sales. It will also improve sales efficiency as reps won't have to follow up the same lead.


Emails are vital aspects of a sales process. Studies have revealed that sales rep spend a large part of their day (21%) creating and sending emails. To automate your emails, you have to consider factors like;

• The most common kind of emails that are sent by your sales rep daily. This could be demo emails, welcome emails, reminder emails, follow-up emails, or thank you emails.

• The degree of personalisation required for each email.

• The time spent drafting emails.

These processes can be time-consuming and frustrating. In this case, an email template can help to solve this problem. Instead of typing repetitive emails, they can save time by creating email templates. These email templates can be edited to suit different purposes. Sending out multiple emails at a time by scheduling emails according to the recipient's time zone is another way to automate your sales process. Although some emails that contain pricing, premium features, legal parameters, and meetings need to be manually written, generic ones can be automated.

Tailor Communication with Customised Tokens

Some businesses wouldn't want to sound automated and robotic in their emails. Hence, they avoid adopting sales automation. Personalized tokens like business name, webinar, industry, and previous communication date can make sales automation sound more personal.

Prioritise Leads

Businesses with a high lead volume need to prioritise leads. There are AI-based tools that sales can use to prioritise leads. Nevertheless, there are a few reasons to automate lead prioritisation.

• If the conversion rate is low

• If the business's sales cycle is long.

• If the qualification process consumes time.

Businesses can automate lead prioritisation for these reasons. Leads can be scored based on several factors like business size, job title, downloads, website activity, industry type, and page visits. Also, score leads based on each product if your business involves several products.

Daily Tasks

The daily administrative tasks of a sales rep which includes data entry, generating invoice and creating appointments can be automated. Automating data entry in CRM helps to minimise the manual effort put into organising data. Lead distribution can be automated based on industry, and job title to make it easy to locate. Appointments can also be automated with digital tools. This will automatically invite customers and reps to the meeting. Most digital tools send out reminders before the actual meeting time.


Reports are an important aspect of the sales process. It gives details about the performance of the sales pipeline. However, manual data collation can involve a whole lot of processes. Besides, an omitted data can alter the accuracy of the entire report. Automating reports helps to solve this problem of human errors and cumbersome processes. Both individual and team reports can be automated.

Automate Invoices

The CRM needs to be updated when a deal is bagged. The sales would have to create an invoice for the lead. This process can be time-consuming. Hence the need for sales automation. The sales rep can have more time for other vital tasks by automating invoices.

Automate the Handover

Collaboration between different departments is an essential aspect of the sales process. You can automate the internal emails sent to people that will be in charge of a lead after the lead has been converted. These internal emails should have all the details the relevant team would need to follow up with the new customer.


There you have it! Above are some important things to know about sales automation and how it can help your business grow. Sales automation works better with customer automation management. This can increase productivity, streamline event tracking and the sales process. By following the tips above, you can automate your sales process, prevent deals from slipping through cracks, and ultimately increase your ROI.

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